KA600 - 1,100mm Reading Linear Scale

KA600 series linear scale unit 1,100mm reading
KA600 Standard Glass Linear Scale Unit to suit all Display Consoles
Size 30 x 45mm
Ingress Protection Class IP55
Accuracy: �5-15�m overall [typical]
Resolution: 1�m
High speed EIA 422-A Interface Max Reading Speed: 120m/min
3 meters of metal armoured cable c/w plug
Optional FULL COVER protection system see below
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Sino Linear Scale type KA600

KA600 Schematic Diagram KA600 Optional Cover System Genuine Sino Parts Hologram Genuine Sino Inspection Certificate

KA600 Linear Scale Dimensions

Optional Impact Cover System

Genuine Sino Parts Identification

Factory Test Certificate

KA600 Schematic Diagram

KA 600 Series

L0 Dimension

L1 Dimension

L2 Dimension

Standard Glass Scale Max. Reading Mounting Holes Overall Length
KA600 - 1,000 1,000mm 1,150mm 1,170mm
KA600 - 1,100 1,100mm 1,250mm 1,270mm
KA600 - 1,200 1,200mm 1,350mm 1,370mm
KA600 - 1,300 1,300mm 1,450mm 1,470mm
KA600 - 1,400 1,400mm 1,550mm 1,570mm
KA600 - 1,500 1,500mm 1,650mm 1,670mm
KA600 - 1,600 1,600mm 1,750mm 1,770mm
KA600 - 1,800 1,800mm 1,950mm 1,970mm
KA600 - 2,000 2,000mm 2,150mm 2,170mm
KA600 - 2,100 2,100mm 2,250mm 2,270mm
KA600 - 2,200 2,200mm 2,350mm 2,370mm
KA600 - 2,300 2,300mm 2,450mm 2,470mm
KA600 - 2,400 2,400mm 2,550mm 2,570mm
KA600 - 2,500 2,500mm 2,650mm 2,670mm
KA600 - 2,600 2,600mm 2,750mm 2,770mm
KA600 - 2,800 2,800mm 2,950mm 2,970mm
KA600 - 3,000 3,000mm 3,150mm 3,170mm
Simple TTL 3 strand signal format Genuine Sino Parts high speed EIA422-A 6 strand signal format

Linear Scale EIA422-A Interface

Genuine Sino linear scales operate to the high frequency communication standard EIA 422-A, sending 6 signals to the display console, which eliminates any signal loss, and increases the operational speed of the system. This integrity & security of the signal ensures measuring accuracy is maintained in all circumstances.

Signal comparison shown is TTL v EIA 422-A

TTL Signal

EIA422-A Signal

Genuine Sino Inspection Certificate

Genuine Sino Parts Hologram

Linear Scale Authentication

Genuine Sino linear scales are accompanied by their individual factory inspection certificate detailing their serial number and certified accuracy.

Genuine Sino linear scales are identified by the uniquely referenced Hologram Sticker attached.

KA600 Optional Cover System

Scale Impact Cover System Option Select Below

Optional covers are available for all linear scales, and are supplied in a 2 pc. format. A support installation mounting bar c/w protective cover, which have pre tapped holes, and are an exact fit to the respective scale unit. This enables easy & professional fitment of the scale to your machine, and full protection from external impacts, and ingress of media such as swarf, suds etc & to ensure satisfactory performance over the longer term. We recommend the purchase & fitment of scale covers, at an option cost of �7.95 incl VAT per scale.


Available Options:

Full Protective Cover:

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